The Strongest Mage Hero in Mobile Legends that you must know

There is certainly no doubt about the popularity of the Mobile Legends game. Not only does it spoil the players’ eyes with good graphic displays, but now there are more interesting heroes with strong damage for you to try. This MOBA game is very popular with teenagers, but quite a few adults also participate in playing it. As a beginner player in the Mobile Legends game, you really have to learn a lot about Hero characters, Skills, Use of Emblems, and so on.

Resetting in the Mobile Legends game is an obstacle for players because it can reduce their status or rank. In order to maintain your rank or increase your rank, fight all the time. To be able to win the game, it is not only determined by choosing the right Hero, but the players also have to be good at reading the conditions of the game and it is important to build teamwork.

Recommendations for the Best Mage Hero in Mobile Legends in 2024


Yve is a mage hero who is quite often used by players because he has the Ultimate Real World Manipulation skill and can dominate the team. By having a fairly wide damage area from Ultimate, Yve is able to defeat several enemies quite easily. Apart from that, Yve’s advantage is that he has Crowd Control with the Void Crystal skill which has a slow effect on enemies by up to 60%, so that enemies will have difficulty avoiding Yve’s or other heroes’ attacks. Yve comes with great damage which makes him strong starting from the early game.

Behind Yve’s greatness, of course there are weaknesses that players cannot avoid. Yve easily falls in the game when faced with an Assassin hero because Yve doesn’t have an escape feature. For this reason, it is better to be behind the tank hero if you want to knock out the Assassin hero. This hero is also not easy to control, especially for beginner players. Before jumping into Ranked battles, it is best to practice in Classic or AI game mode to train players to use heroes correctly.


Valentina is the hero most often targeted by players because she has great damage which can make her dominate the game quite easily. In addition, Valentina’s regeneration rate is quite high, so it is not easy to paralyze her. Hero Valentina is amazing with her I Am You skill which can steal your opponent’s ultimate hero. So Valentina can have 5 different ultimate skills to use in battle. The presence of the hero Valentina is of course very useful for the team to win the battle.

Valentina is quite weak at the start of the game which makes her unable to fight enemy heroes alone. Apart from that, Valentina’s HP and defense levels are quite low, making her easy to kill in a short time. Therefore, it is best to always stay behind the tank hero so that you don’t become the enemy’s most targeted target. Avoid enemy heroes who have high bursts so they can survive on the battlefield for a long time so they can fight for maximum victory.


Xavier is quite feared by opposing teams because he has a CC effect and high burst damage. It’s not surprising that this hero is bent quite often in Rank mode games. Xavier’s ultimate skill is damage in a wide area, so he can paralyze enemies quite easily over long distances. Xavier was weak during the early game, so he needed the help of other heroes to carry out attacks. With his skill of locking/freezing the enemy in 3 seconds, it makes it easy for Xavier and the team’s heroes to kill the enemy quickly.

Even though he has high burst damage, Xavier cannot move when attacked by the Assassin hero because he has quite slow movements and low HP. For this reason, it is important for Xavier hero users to carry Flicker so they can escape when attacked. Xavier’s Ultimate Skill has a wide area coverage, but often misses its use. Therefore, the right timing is needed in attacking the target.


Cici is the newest Fighter hero presented with many advantages, having a walking style like a Mage and skills similar to a Marksman. Cici’s hero is strong enough in the early game to be able to paralyze enemies in 1 vs 1 conditions. With the skill of throwing the dice repeatedly against the enemy, this gives the team’s hero the opportunity to immediately paralyze the enemy. When the 3rd skill is active, Cici can tie the enemy with a yo-yo string which will have a slow effect and this skill can work for multiple targets.

Cici’s cellphone can be said to be thin and at risk of running out quickly when attacked. However, by attacking enemies or minions, their HP will increase again, making them survive. It could be said that Cici’s hero is quite difficult to take down if he is in the right hands. However, Cici also has the weakness of being a target for Assassins who have high burst damage. When your HP has decreased by 1/2, you should immediately return to home base or look for a safe position.


Cecilion could be the right choice of hero for you Mage users. The damage it does is quite high, making it possible to level up quite easily. In skill 1, Cecilion produces magic damage and releases a giant bat to attack the enemy. For skill 2 Sanguine Claws it will have a slow effect on the enemy and deal high damage. By using the 3 Bats Feast skill, Cecilion will release blood energy, increase movement speed and provide a large enough damage area to paralyze the enemy.

Cecilion’s weakness lies in the opponent’s hero who has high burst damage. It is possible for Cecilion to be killed quite easily in one attack from a hero who had burst damage in the last game. Apart from that, this hero is not supported by fast speed, so it requires users to carry Flicker so they can escape from opponent attacks quickly.

So, those are the recommendations for the best Mage heroes in Mobile Legend that you can use in Ranked mode. Find out your abilities on the right Hero through Classic mode to use the recommended heroes and increase the players’ confidence to increase their Rank level.