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User Features
Everything your user needs is there
Get to see how's the current weather in your location, alongside with the weather condition, humidity, wind speed and direction.
Daily Forecast
Find out how the weather is going to be in the next 1-5 days, the minimum and maximum temperature, the weather condition and humidity.
Hourly Forecast
Get detailed hourly weather information for a specific day, the forecast data includes the weather condition, humidity and temperature.
Follow the weather evolution with the built-in graph, and get a visual understanding on how the weather is going to evolve in the upcoming days.
Get Sunrise and Sunset times, Latitude and Longitude coordinates and other quick information regarding the location visited.
With Favorites built into the search input, you have easy access to all your saved locations, making switching between locations a breeze.
The Instant Search allows your users to search over 200,000 locations, making it super easy to find the location they're looking for.
Dark Mode
Instantly change the website appearance from light to dark mode – great for low-light conditions like working on an airplane or at night.
Admin Features
Have full control over your website
Site Settings
Complete website control, change the default location and format, enable or disable geo location, limit the number of forecasted days and more.
The built-in theme system allows to switch between themes in an instant, changing your website appearance to a fresh new look.
The built-in language system allows your user to feel at home by providing a quick way to switch between multiple languages.
The predefined advertisement spots allows you to easily insert your 3rd party ad-unit code between the content of the home page.
... and much more, check out the live demo